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MFcable is a professional cables,adapter and extended equipment manufacturers in Shenzhen, China. At we offer the best range of Video/Audio/USB cables and extenders for our customers.

We have ten years of production, manufacturing, R & D experience. Since established, we have been already dedicated in researching,developing and manufacturing Audio Video and USB cables. Up to now, we have rich production experience for HDMI cable/accessory and USB extender products, not only familiar with the products itself,also have very much experience for each kinds of processing technic,so we know how to lower the price with good quality.

Video series products include HDMI Splitter,HDMI Switch,HDMI Cable,VGA/DVI Splitter and Switch,HDMI/VGA/DVI Converter and KVM Switch.

HDMI as a new video data transmission protocol is widely used in entertainment and business can connecting Multiple Devices Through an HDMI Splitter or HDMI Switch.If some devices have only VGA and DVI Port ,the HDMI Converter may help you.

The KVM switch is used to control multiple computers with a keyboard and mouse. It is important to simulate the keyboard and mouse signals to each PC and not influence the CPU operations during switching.

USB series products include USB cable, USB HUB, USB adapter and USB charging station.

You can find the usb cable you want for iphone, samsung and other android phones here, the type of usb port include 30-pin USB and lightning USB for the iphone and Micro usb 2.0 and Micro usb 3.0 for samsung and other android phones.and more you can also find the two different usb ports in one cable here.

If you need to connect a variety of usb devices, such as phone,tablet PC, digital camera with PC,a USB Hub is what you want. Here we offer USB 2.0/3.0 hub from 4 ports to 10 ports USB hub,some usb hub with changing USB port. Of course, we also provide the usb charging station for you.

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