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About USB 2.0 Hub

The most obvious selling feature of USB 2.0 Hub is cheap, So USB 2.0 hub is often the biggest-selling usb hub. Although usb 2.0 transfer speeds(maximum speed:480Mbps) slower than usb 3.0, they have been able to meet the needs of daily use. 4 ports usb 2.0 hub is usually the most popular style, of course, we also supply 7 ports, 8 ports and more than 10 ports USB 2.0 hub for you.

About USB 3.0 Hub

USB 3.0 Hub have faster transmission speed (maximum speed:5 Gbps) compared with USB 2.0, but the price is also higher, because of the cost of raw materials and the manufacturing is much higher than the USB 2.0 Hub.
We provide different styles of products, such as: some hubs with the power switch and indicator light, the mini portable 4 ports USB Hub or USB 3.0 Hub With USB charging port.

About USB Charging Station & Powered USB Hub

Only meet in a variety of devices usb connection, usually is not enough. sometimes, people need to be charge of some electronic products in usb connection, especially mobile phones. USB Charging Station is a kind of AC to USB Charging equipment can recharge multiple electronic products at the same time, its input voltage is usually 100-240W, provide different USB charging interface, such as 5V/1A and 5V/2A. Very convenient, just only need a USB Charging cable, can Charging your mobile phone easily, this product can also simultaneously charge for multiple phones and tablets.